Super-light structures

super-light introduction footbridge_1 547x308.jpg 
Super-light concrete pedestrian bridge in pearl-chains. (Student project Iwona Budny, Robert Cybulski, Agnieszka Kotas and Jan Winkler).

The new technology consists of a new constellation of well-known materials and parts. All construction methods needed have been widely used for at least 30 years, and if high-strength concrete is avoided, they have been applied for more than 100 years and the structures can be designed according to present codes as for example Eurocodes. Only the overall engineering perception of the structure is new. However, this does not deviate more from traditional building technology than many other unusual structures, which are built every day. To be sure, full-scale tests have been made to verify, that nothing has been overlooked.  

This means that we have  

  • Proof of concept and
  • Proof of technology and  

No further development or investments are required before application.  

Applications are many:

Buildings, Halls, Shopping centers, Towers, Facades, Roofs, Shells, Bridges, Stadiums, Off-shore structures, Tunnels, Floating foundations, and even Ships are among the many possibilities.